7 March 2020 - March 2020 Specials are out - please get your copy in the Downloads section or call/email for a copy. Many many website updates, more functionality once logged in. If you've forgotton your username it is generally your account number with us alternately you can do a 'Forgot Passord' and use your email address to perform a reset.

9 February 2020 - Busy with some major updates & tidying up of the website. New Products, sections & layouts. New updated Trade Price Lists on CCTV and also on Alarm products & Accessories in the Downloads Section (log in required).

4 February 2020 - Please see our new product relase in stock now for the new ESL-2 Control and Alarm Panel and accessories. We urge you to come into the showroom for more info and a brief demo.

4 February 2020 - Please see our new XView OEM (PDF) range of TVI and IP Cameras manufactured using the incredible SONY® chip sensors. Products are in stock now, have the LTS/HikVision protocol built in and are thus fully compatible with LTS & HikVision recorders as well as having ONVIF capability for other brand recorders.

10 November 2019 - New OEM XView NVR's in stock, 100% compatible with XView, LTS USA and Hikvision products. From the menu CCTV -> IP CCTV - OEM -> Network Video Recorders.

1 November 2019 - If more superior image quality important to you then see our new XView IP Cameras - In stock now - more information here. Log in to access XView IP Camera pdf Information, User Guide, ActiveX Control and Search Tools from the Downloads section.

14 October 2019 - Alarm Parts Pricing - Log in to access Alarm Parts pricing in the Downloads section, under Crow - Alarm Parts Pricing. This is only some of the more popular alarm parts we carry, this will be a work-in-progress with updates to follow. Always telephone to confirm stock and current price.

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