• Web browser login username: admin
  • Web browser login password: 123456
  • Password when using SADP, IP Portal or IPC Search Tool: 123456
  • Camera search tool use SADP, LTS IP Portal or IPC Search Tool in Downloads Section
  • DHCP and optimized settings out-the-box
  • Set to H265 by factory default (can be changed to H264)
  • Do not need a password to learn into a recorder
  • Default, Hikvision, LTS or Onvif protocol when learning into Recorders we supply
  • Onvif on Port 80 if using Onvif
  • Plug n Play on current LTS, Hikvision, Dahua, Uniview recorders that support H265
  • Tip: Change to to H264 first for plug n play functionality on older recorders
  • All XView Cameras use the superior SONY IMX Chipsets

XV-I2347B 5MP IP Colorview 3.6mm
XV-I2347B-VF 5MP IP Colorview varifocal 2.8-8mm
XV-I2367B 6MP IP Colorview 2.8mm
XV-I2387 8MP IP Colorview 2.8mm

XV-T2357 8MP TVI Colorview 2.8mm

XV-I2355B IP 5MP 2.8, 3.6 , 6mm
XV-I2365B-VF IP 6MP varifocal 2.8-8mm
XV-I2385 IP 8MP 2.8mm

XV-T1722-28 TVI 2MP 2.8mm
XV-T1752 TVI 5MP 2.8mm, 3.6mm
XV-T1752-VF TVI 5MP varifocal 2.8-8mm

Vandal Dome
XV-I2755-VF IP 5MP varifocal 2.8-12mm

XV-I2655BVF IP 5MP varifocal 2.8-12mm
XV-I2655BVF50 IP 5MP varifocal 5-50mm

License Plate Capture
XV-ILPC IP 5MP varifocal 7-22mm

XView IP PTZ 20x Zoom
5MP, POE, 4.7-94mm

Junction Box - bullets

Junction Box - turrets

Junction box - turrets, bullets, vandal dome

Wall Bracket - turrets, vandal dome